Please consider donating your old school bag to an orphan in Zimbabwe.

It is the start of a new Academic year in Northern Ireland, and around the country, parents and children are out shopping for new uniforms, shoes and all the other things that a child needs.

Sometimes, last year's shoes, trainers and bags are still in great condition.  If so, please could you help us?

  • Contact your school office and let them know about the LEARN ASSOCIATION school bag drive.
  • If the school office agrees, please drop off your school bag at your school office, and a volunteer from LEARN will swing by to pick them up.
  • Tell your friends and families about this and get them invovled as well.

Please read some of the articles about how other schools in Northern Ireland have responded.

If you have any questions, please feel to drop us an email or phone:

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Mobile: 07735397781