Volunteer Programme 2023

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We believe that education can free children from a poverty-stricken future. We want to develop a vibrant learning environment that promotes accelerated learning.  To do this we need educators and creative writers. We are seeking passionate volunteers who are willing to give their time and skills to develop lesson plans from Grade one through to Grade seven.  This is a six-month volunteer(non-paid) position based in Coleraine, Northern Ireland.  As part of this programme you will be given an opportunity to visit the school in Zimbabwe and meet the school children you have been working so hard for.


Each volunteer will be responsible for developing creative, engaging, and effective lesson plans for one grade level, including making resources, and this will require a range of skills and qualities.

You will be assigned an experienced teacher and mentor at the grade you have been given. They will meet with you twice weekly to guide and support you as you develop the lesson plans. 

As a volunteer you will also play a part in raising awareness and fundraising for the school. You will need to use various online platforms to promote fundraising campaigns, engage with donors and raise awareness of the school and its mission.


You will be based in the beautiful Causeway Coast, Northern Ireland. All work will be carried out at the Learn office in Coleraine. Each volunteer will have their own working space equipped with what you need to produce the material. You will be part of a team working together with a shared goal.  Your working hours are Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm.


We can offer free food and board to our volunteers who need to save on living costs. In such an arrangement, you will be provided with a shared single sex room. This accommodation is based in the countryside and as such a driving license is a requirement.  We can provide transport in and out of the Coleraine. The accommodation is non-smoking.


As a volunteer you will have an opportunity to meet the children you have been working so hard for.  At some point during the six-month period there will be a ten-day visit to Zimbabwe. Accommodation, food, and transport will be provided; however, the volunteer must fund their own return flight to Zimbabwe. Administrative assistance can be given in booking this flight. It is recommended that you have a holiday budget to spend when you are there as you will also have the chance to do a mini safari.


Volunteers should have a degree (preferred) or be working towards a teaching qualification.

Retired teachers are welcome to apply.

Those teachers who are on a career break.

Those who enjoy teaching (either in the formal or informal sector) and those who are on a gap year. 


You should be highly creative and able to develop lesson plans that are engaging, interactive, and fun for the students. This may involve incorporating games, hands-on activities, and other innovative approaches to help students learn and retain the material.

In addition to creativity, you should also be highly organized and able to manage your time effectively. You will have six months to produce lesson plans for each week of one school term, and this requires careful planning, research, and preparation.

You should be comfortable with technology and able to make use of various resources, both digital and physical, to develop your lesson plans. This may include creating digital presentations, videos, and other multimedia resources, as well as developing physical materials such as worksheets, handouts, and manipulatives.


We have three intakes:

Intake 1: 1st July 2023 to December 2023

Intake 2: 9th January 2023 to 10th June 2024

Intake 3: 1st July 2024 to December 2024


This is an amazing and unique opportunity to become a part of something that is exciting and life changing. Not only will you be a part of a special team, but you will be creating a brighter future for orphans and vulnerable children.  We are looking for talented, enthusiastic people who are committed to making a difference in the world.


Email a cover letter and CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Apply using the online form

Please make it clear which intake you are interested in.