Visit to the Lion Park - March 2023

Amidst the joyful laughter and excited chatter, the school children from Victory school embarked on an adventure unlike any they had experienced before. Their destination? A renowned lion and cheetah park, where nature's most awe-inspiring creatures roamed freely in their natural habitats. With eyes wide with anticipation, the children eagerly awaited their first encounter with these majestic beasts.

A hush fell over the children as they walked through the gate to the park that they had so frequently walked past. This was their first visit to the Lion park that sits right beside their school. 

Their guide, a knowledgeable and enthusiastic wildlife expert, led them through winding paths that meandered past enclosures housing the park's resident lions. The first encounter with a lion was met with excitement mingled with nervousness as they stood behind the fence and observed the regal lions lounging in the shade. The wildlife expert shared fascinating facts about these incredible animals and the children listened intently.

Next on the itinerary was a visit to Snake World, a haven dedicated to the mesmerizing realm of serpents. The atmosphere pulsed with a sense of anticipation, mixed with trepidation, as the children caught their first glimpse of these magnificent reptiles. One by one, the children stood before enclosures housing an incredible assortment of snakes. The children were enlightened about the crucial role snakes play in maintaining ecological balance.

As the day came to a close, the children bid farewell to the Lion Park and Snake World. They departed with a deeper understanding of the natural world we live in and the part they can play in conservation.

We are deeply grateful to the staff of Lion and Cheetah Park and Snake World for making this trip a possibility. The children will remember this day for a very long time, and maybe one day they will return as wildlife ambassadors.