What proven activities in a school build good character and also achieve better academic outcomes?  Research into various activities that can boost academic achievement, at reasonable cost to a school have led to the following list of activities.  Contact us to discuss how we can do an evaluation of your current status, and then suggest ways that your setup can be improved.

  1. Teaching Strategies – talks and seminars on the following:
    1. Metacognition and self regulation
    2. Feedback
    3. Reading Comprehension Strategies
    4. Mastery Learning
    5. Collaborative Learning
  2. Peer Tutoring
  3. Outdoor Adventure and Experiential Learning
    1. Environmental Awareness
    2. Team building
    3. Character Development
  4. Digital Technology
    1. Communications with parents
    2. Online Learning
  5. Social and Emotional Learning
    1. School Assemblies
    2. Ted Talks for Schools
  6. Parental Engagement
    1. Parenting Strategies talks and seminars
  7. Behaviour Interventions
  8. Sports Programs
  9. Arts Participation