We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the pupils of Ballymoney Model Integrated Primary School for the generous donation of footballs to our school. The boys love to play football and the girls love to join in when the boys let them! There will be a lot of joy on the field at breaktime and after school too. A massive thank-you for your kind support and thoughtfulness.


A massive thank-you to Annie's Nursery for her incredible donation of toys, games and books for our kindergarten (ECD).  The books, games and toys you have donated will play a significant role in nurturing the children's creativity, cognitive development and overall well-being. With your support we are confident that the learning environment at our nursery school will be greatly enhanced. Thank-you, Annie, for your kindness and amazing generosity.


We were delighted to receive brand new sports kits and tee-shirts from Medway Vineyard, England. These are old logo uniforms so no longer required by the school. They will receive a very happy welcome at Victory school.  The children will look so smart in these beautiful sports kits. Thank-you!




Thank-you so much to Chisipite Junior School, Harare for their incredible donation of boxes of reading and text books. These will be so useful in the school and gratefully received. We are delighted you thought of us!


Thank-you to everyone at Safe2Care training who have supported the building of a new classroom block at Victory School.  Their hard work and continued support has made it possible to build three classrooms for the Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2. We are so grateful for your commitment.